The Planetarium of Kecskemét


During our presentations, the visitors can learn about planets, stars and constellations. They can be informed about the latest news of astronomy and astronautics. The presentation also contains a spectacular laser-show. We recommend our programs from 3 to 99 of ages.

Groups are admitted any time of the year, advance booking is necessary.

For individual visitors, we have presentations every Saturday.
- at 3 pm there is a show for children, with a lot of games, starry sky, and 3D show
- at 4:30 pm another show for adults or children above 4th grade, with starry sky and 3D show



Individual visitors



2.000 HUF

1.500 HUF

Students, or retired

1.500 HUF

1.200 HUF

Family tickets

5.000 HUF



Address: Lánchíd st. 18/a, Kecskemét, 6000, Hungary
Phone: +36/76/505075
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